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Welkom op de officiële website over Johnny de Mol. Hij is bekend van programma's zoals Syndroom, Project P en Waar is de Mol. Welcome! For the English website, click 'English' on the menu.

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Sexting campaign from WE CAN Young Tilburg

The sexting-campaign from WE CAN Young Tilburg has begun. The changemakers developed this campaign together with Marjolein Kock. For her thesis 'Sexting, I think I love you' she focussed on the problems sexting could entail. The most important message of the campaign: prohibiting sexting is ineffective, therefore you must show young adults what can and cannot be done. 

With this project the changemakers intend to make the youth aware of the risks of sexting. The slogan is 'Onuitwisbaar' ('Indelible'). Johnny de Mol has shown appreciation for this campaign. He was present at the launch of the campaign and congratulated the changemakers with their amazing project. De Mol would like to have an app to be made for this campaign as well.


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