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Welkom op de officiële website over Johnny de Mol. Hij is bekend van programma's zoals Syndroom, Project P en Waar is de Mol. Welcome! For the English website, click 'English' on the menu.

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5 year!

On January 29, 2010, the website about Johnny the Mol was created by Samantha Brouwers. She was sixteen years old at the time.

During the past five years, the website has meant a lot for Johnny's career and life. On Twitter the website has 20,600 followers, on Facebook 30,400 and on Instagram 4,200. More than 500,000 people have visited the old website ( and the new website has been viewed 15,000 times since its launch on November 20, 2014. Together with all followers, we were able to get more than 20,000 votes for Johnny de Mol for the TelevizierSter. And he won this prize in 2013 because of this.

Do you want to see the face of the creator of this website? Photo 1 is from five years ago, the other one is a recent picture.


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