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Johnny de Mol restores family bonds on deserted island

The recordings for Family Island, Johnny de Mol’s new TV programme, were quite intense. “But we also laughed a lot”, the presenter remembered.

For instance eating disgusting things was funny for both the participants and presenter, Johnny said to BuzzE. “When someone lied, they had to eat something nasty. That was very funny to watch.”

Johnny travelled with four families to a deserted island in the Indian Ocean for Family Island. One unruly teenager is part of every family and on the island the disrupted family bond will be restored. “We’ve played games where trust and communication were very important”, Johnny explained. He provided ‘a listening ear and comic relief from time to time’. A team of coaches and psychologists was there to help the families.

Complaining about nothing

According to the presenter it was necessary to travel to Indonesia for Family Island, which started on the 5th of September on RTL4. “You’re completely displaced. There’s no Wi-Fi, you’re in a different environment, a different climate and far from home. On Ameland for instance you might think: I can get on a ferry and will be back home in no time. That was impossible now.”

The high temperatures were not appreciated by all teenagers. “They were complaining about how hot it was, that the sun was too bright, that they were sweating a lot… They were basically whining about nothing. The crew and Johnny took care of that immediately. “We switched roles for a moment. We hanged all the stuff the crew had to carry around the teenagers, so that they could experience how hard it was for the camera and sound crew and the other members. But they weren’t complaining.”


Johnny was shocked as well when he saw the footage that was made in the families’ homes, in which the children, all aged between fourteen and nineteen, were throwing with furniture, stealing and being violent towards their parents. Johnny never acted like that. “I grew up with a loving, strict Danish stepfather. I shouldn’t even try those things around him.”

Even after spending 2.5 weeks with erratic adolescents on an island, Johnny still wants children. “Most of the time it’s because of the parents. Children need consistency, stability and clear rules. As long as you are steady and form a team with your partner.”


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